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1-800 Contacts app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3504 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical Shopping
Developer: 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc.
Current version: 7.3.0, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 31 May 2012
App size: 62.76 Mb

The 1-800 CONTACTS app is the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to order contact lenses.

Where else can you reorder your contacts in three taps? Only our app. But what if you want to reorder in only two taps? Good news: Two-tap reordering from your Apple Watch.

Ordering for the first time? It’s slightly more than three taps, but it’s still quick and we’ll walk you through the whole process. Simply scan the lens box to upload your prescription or upload a picture of your paper Rx for faster shipping. Then use your camera phone to pay with your credit card, or use PayPal. Reorder from your secure account in three brief taps or select Auto-Reorder so you’ll never run out of contacts.

If you ever have any questions you can call, email, or text us right from the app, and you’ll receive a prompt reply from a real, live person with an adorable Utah accent (NOTE: You only get the adorable accent if you call).

Perhaps you aren’t a 1-800 CONTACTS customer yet. It’s OK. We aren’t here to judge. Our LensGauge feature can be used by anybody to be reminded when it’s time to swap out their lenses. Because nobody likes itchy red eyes. Nobody.

• GPS-based search for a local eye doctor.
• Track your order from your Order History

You know what to do.

Pros and cons of 1-800 Contacts app for iPhone and iPad

1-800 Contacts app good for

I wear dailies every now and then, just when I feel like dressing up. Love the ability to just order them one or two boxes at a time. This app is very convenient.
The best place to buy Contacts ever. So great to have a reliable service that makes it easy to order every time.
...and when I do forget o can pay for the next day shipping! And use my FSA card!
This is the BEST and easiest way to get contacts! Their staff and customer service are outstanding!
Ive used 1800 contacts for years, they never let me down. And now the app makes its so much easier. I love it!!!
This app is very reliable and easy to order from. This is my second time using the app and I will definitely continue to order from it.

Some bad moments

New review: Tried to place my second order with this app this morning. Tried using Apple Pay. Apple Pay took my money. The order never happened. I chatted with them via their chat interface and they said that I should have the funds released within 3 to 10 business days. There is no record of the order. This app reminds of a company hiring someones nephew to build their app. If you dont have the expertise to build a world class app (or in this case a functional app) then you need to find a company to build it for you. Remove the fool in charge of testing this app. I was a happy customer of 1-800-Contacts for 16 years. Now, and only because of their app, I am going to find an functional alternative. In short: terrible app. Takes your money, loses your order. Original review: The app works fine, but there is one bug and one unneeded annoyance. Bug: My saved card was declined because the card account doesnt exist anymore. I deleted that saved card and added a new card. New card was declined. I verified the details were correct and placed the order again. The order went through. ANNOYANCE: Allow the screen to *#^$)(@ rotate!!! My iPad spends 90% of its life in a keyboard case which LANDSCAPE. Have you heard of LANDSCAPE??? Who comes up with the idea to limit this? As a dev I know how easy it is to support this. That is why the vast majority of apps can handle this. The only reason I placed my order sideways was because I already had an account and I got the free expedited shipping by using the app. ARRRRG!
Does not recognize Canadian doctors; cannot use without entering a doctors info, so not useful to me.
Super easy to use, lets you sign in to your account, has touch id, you can pick payment method and do a reorder in a flash. Great app!
I have been a customer for a couple of years. However, for the last couple of months there have been ongoing problems with your customer service. I sent my script via text and email, yet you did not receive it until I faxed it. Then I ordered contacts and was casually asked about the brand I wear, "youre in the air optics right?" I said "yes," assuming that she looked at my history of wearing color lens. I was sent regular air optics and I was so frustrated. On a Thursday evening I called to see how quickly they could get them to me since it was their fault and was told it would be Monday because they have to contact my doctor "again" about me wearing color lens---when they just contacted him about this order! Why would my script be any different?!! I was going to send my contact lens script, but she was telling me she couldnt confirm if I would receive them by Friday. I can barely see in my current lens, but am so turned off by your poor service Id rather go through my eye doctor and wait for my lens. At least I know they will be right. Forget convenience when it comes to 1.800.contacts. Its all about their convenience. ~
Its so easy to keep your prescription information updated, and theyll contact your doctor for you to verify your Rx if you dont have a copy. You can order your contacts with the option to set up auto-reorder, use Touch ID, track shipping, and all that good stuff. Overall, a very solid app that makes a hassle-y process more convenient.
Thank you, 1-800 Contacts, for making this the prime example of an app that actually makes life easier. ***Flawless

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